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Andre Gogol

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Andre Gogol came to the West Coast to study Visual Art and Art History at the University of Victoria. There, he majored in painting and drawing and received an Honours Degree in 1998. Several years later, a fortuitous series of events led him back to UVIC where he discovered his talent and dedication to pottery through eminent Canadian potter Walter Dexter.

"I found in pottery a drive and intuitive quality I had not experienced in other media.  Ideas I struggled with in paint seemed to occur more
naturally and fluidly in clay."

After a period of working and teaching at a community pottery, Andre decided to establish his own studio. Focusing on techniques using the potter’s wheel, Andre fires most of his work to stoneware temperatures in an electric kiln. Occasionally he fires his work in a gas kiln where he continues to work with the copper red glazes that initially attracted him to pottery.

"I’ve always been interested in rocks and geology. I am fascinated by the way that glazes and clay can be manipulated to produce rich and wonderful surfaces."

Andre’s functional work is very durable and suitable for the microwave, oven and dishwasher. The stamp that he uses to identify his pottery is based on a traditional Ukrainian cross design, into which he has worked his initials.
In addition to his work with clay, Andre currently teaches in Sidney, British Columbia.