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Sterling Silver Earrings by Sarah Thorneycroft

 Sterling Silver Earrings by Sarah Thorneycroft 

Each piece is individually hand made and may not be exactly as shown in the photo.

These pieces are all handmade or cast from originals then hand-finished, often incorporating intricate natural textures and lines. Using a variety of techniques, Sarah's work includes hand engraving, reticulation, wax carving, imprinting botanicals, and sand casting. She is proud to be using certified 100% recycled precious metals, and she prioritise keeping her studio practices as sustainable as possible.

Garry Oak Studs - Rectangular sterling silver studs with a texture inspired by the rough bark of a Garry Oak, the only native oak species in Western Canada.  I achieved the texture through reticulation, which is essentially heating sterling silver with a jeweller's torch until the copper in the metal is molten, under a thin surface layer of fine silver. It's a wildly unpredictable process and takes some time, but I love the outcome! I carefully oxidise (darken) the recesses and hand polish the high points to emphasise the beautiful texture. Sterling silver ear posts.

Mountain Studs - Sterling silver mountain studs inspired by the mountain ranges of Vancouver Island. I texture the mountains using an old goldsmithing technique known as cuttlefish casting, which creates the ridges and valleys reminiscent of our mountainous landscape. Sterling silver ear posts.

Cedar Studs - Delicate sterling silver cedar studs cast from a cedar tree here on Vancouver Island, and carefully oxidised then polished to highlight the details. Sterling silver ear posts.

Fern Studs - Sterling silver fern studs engraved by hand and polished to a high shine. Sterling silver ear posts.

Seashell Studs - Sterling silver ear studs cast from the intricate spiral at the centre of a seashell. One of the most incredible shapes found in nature, and sometimes called the golden ratio spiral - also seen in young ferns unfurling in the spring, hurricanes, seeds in a sunflower head, pinecones, spider webs. I oxidise the silver to darken the details and hand polish the high points to highlight the beautiful texture. Sterling silver ear posts.

Cedar Dangles - Sterling silver cedar earrings with sprigs cast from a tree here on Vancouver Island. The details on the sprigs are perfectly captured and carefully oxidised to highlight the texture, with the circular frames polished to be beautifully shiny and bright. Sterling silver ear wires.

Honeycomb Dangles - Bold statement earrings, hand carved in jeweller's wax and cast in sterling silver. The inside of the intricate honeycomb is oxidised (darkened) for a striking contrast to the high polish, and the honeycomb curves slightly under your ear lobe. Shiny and bright!

Foraged Dangles - Imprinted Botanicals.

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