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As a high school teacher from England, I would often say to the children that it was good
to respectfully ask 'why'?. Maybe that's an indicator of my own curiosity;
I am after all, interested in just about everything.

Curiosity and respectful questioning have helped to connect me with a wide range of people and ideas. I now subscribe to the view that 'everything is connected to everything else'.

Consider my 'Practical Fractal' products for example. In terms of visual appeal, these products reflect the 'Golden Spiral' - a mysterious spiral shape that is found throughout nature. Of course, I have adapted the spiral into the design of the Practical Fractal range, and I give great thanks for the discernment to employ the spiral, in my practical designs.

At age 15, I began training under my father, as a carpenter and joiner. In my late 20's I became a High School teacher of Design and Technology. And now in my late 50's, I have a desire to unite my activities, with my core values.
Michael Angelo is credited as saying:

He who works with his hands, is a labourer.
He who works with his hands and head, is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, head and heart, is an artist.

When you encounter one of my products, you connect with a little piece of me. I truly hope that you will recognise the integrity of my own hands, head and heart.

Practical Fractal product information:
Materials used are: Food-safe mineral oil, selected White Oak, Black Walnut fitted between the squares, Jatoba, the reddish wood from Central America, edge-grain Canadian Maple, African Wenge - the smallest and darkest square.

Responsibly harvested and Forest Stewardship Council approved, the trees from which this natural wood has been harvested, are re-planted in a completely sustainable manner. The wood we use can be traced back to the forest it grew in.
All our products are bench-crafted in our shop, which is in Sidney BC. We have a youth training programme, and we love talking to clients. Contact Phil, to discuss your custom requirements.

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