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Laurel Hibbert

Laurel Hibbert

Artist Statement

Having survived an idyllic childhood along the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Lachine, Quebec, I draw on my memories of childhood for my images. My paintings depict the joy in simple daily life, strong, hardworking women and villages. There is a quality of harmony and security and a childhood memory of the good in life. I try to capture a simplicity of spirit that sometimes evokes powerful feelings of nostalgia in the viewer. I do not work from photos but draw on my imagination to create an idealized and whimsical world.

My work is notable for its vibrant colour and its story telling quality. It is illustrative, whimsical and captures moments in time. Viewers often ask themselves what has just happened or what is about to happen? Most of the work has a joyful quality and is full of movement. My characters work, chatter, dance and sometimes fly. I like to hope others can feel some of the joy I feel in creating these images.

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