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Laine Todson

Laine Todson


The wood used is found, reclaimed or new, each piece thoughtfully assembled to minimize waste product. Wood is a live medium, so each product is unique. Each pieces is either raw, treated with beeswax polish from Salt Spring Island (a small island off of the coast of Vancouver Island), Polymerized Tung oil, stained or charred. The charred or 'blackened' pieces are finished using a blow torch. Burning is an ancient Japanese technique of sealing wood known as "Shou Sugi Ban". This technique dates back as far as the 1700's and is most commonly used for siding, floors or fences. The charring makes wood UV resistant, as well as resistant to weather, bugs, and rot.

Little handmade wooden treasures made in Saanich BC by Laine Todson.

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