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Joanne Russ

Joanne Russ

Beautiful hand made jewelry using found beach glass and glass beads with sinew as the connection.

Living on the East coast as a child I spent many days scanning the beach for sea glass.  I often kept a jar of it next to my bed because I believed that it would glow at night.  Fast forward to my current situation where I am currently living down the street from a wonderful glass beach in Victoria.  Over the years I have collected quite a bit of it and have always looked for ways to showcase my treasures.  I love to introduce people to the “sea glass stoop” and most people find it very addicting.  I find it to be a great means of exercise and meditation.  Please enjoy some of my creations!

My necklaces are comprised of glass beads and “authentic” sea glass strung and knotted on imitation sinew.  They are an infinity design so that there are no clasps to struggle with.  Simply slip the necklace over your head.  The filament has a 60-pound breaking strength and is waxed which makes for easy untangling.  It is also waterproof, rot proof and resistant to stretch.

Victoria BC

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