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Ambi Eco Silver Lace Pendant

Ambi Eco Silver Lace Pendant

Inspired by Irish lacework patterns dating back to 1836, each piece has been individually designed and hand crafted using hand tools and high quality Eco Silver.

A form of crocheting, this process produces a lace-like appearance. Knotting the silver wire in such a way makes the finished product very light, flexible, and durable; a modern reimagining of a timeless heritage craft. When I sit down to create I usually sketch out my idea then turn the drawings into a geometric pattern, resembling a crochet chart, to bring to life in Silver wire. For more complex designs, I will often create a prototype in cotton to test the pattern. I find it really connects me to the heritage of the craft and makes me appreciate those who paved the way all those hundreds of years ago.’ 

 The .925 Sterling and .999 Fine Silver used to create these unique designs is 100% reclaimed, giving each one a new lease of life as a long lasting piece of wearable art. 

Each piece is crafted using antique hand tools, in a woodland studio that is working towards zero waste.

Pendants - all chains are 18” long and made in Wales from antique sterling silver cutlery. 

1.75 x 1.75 inches



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Artist Collection: Twisted Fern Designs

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