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Hilary Hope

Hilary Hope creates high-quality floor pillows and tote bags, handcrafted in Victoria, BC from sustainable repurposed materials. 

Offering an alternative to traditional pillows – Hilary Hope Home is a locally handmade and environmentally conscious purchase you can feel good about.

Transform your living room, family room, bedroom or nursery with a vibrant, colourful twist that reflects your personality and style! Floor pillows are versatile pieces that add additional seating to your home, provide style and comfort in a way that is fun, functional, and above all beautiful. Give your space a pop of colour or texture with eclectically layered vintage designs – all using existing (pre-loved) materials. Pillow covers are easily interchangeable to reflect the season or your personal style.

Our purpose is to make quality products in a completely sustainable way. We provide eco-friendly alternatives to mass produced “disposable fashion” or home decor. There are so many existing materials in the world already; there’s really no need to use new ones. Existing materials are the most sustainable option.
We can all create change within our culture.  By choosing an alternative that reduces waste from landfills, lessens water consumption, and eliminates the fabric milling process, you are helping protect the environment.

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