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I've always been attracted to wood.  An early memory takes me back to my grandfather's wood shop with its wonderful smells, stacks of lumber and mysterious tools. Later, my father taught me the basics of carpentry: different kinds of wood, ripping versus cross-cutting, joinery; many other things. He was a methodical man with a quiet competence. I remember such advice as "measure twice, cut once". I learned from him respect for good tools and the satisfaction of a job well done.


My career turned out to be journalism and later computer science, but I have always maintained a connection with wood. The down-to-earth act of wood-working has often given me a needed balance for my over-cerebral work.  Now that I am retired, I have more time to pursue this wonderful craft. Though I have done house construction and log-building, I have settled on making boxes as my primary passion. All the wood-working skills are involved (including a few I'm still learning)!  Hand tools are ideal; I much prefer them to the roar of power tools. I enjoy working with a variety of woods: each possesses unique qualities, beauty and challenges. Broad Leaf Maple, abundant on Vancouver Island, has become a staple ingredient in my work. I love to set it off with exotic woods that I come across.

Best of all, my shop smells just like my grandfather's did!

Doug lives in Victoria B.C.


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